Spring 2024 Camporee

This spring, the Troop is headed to George Washington State campground for its spring camporee from Apr 26 to 28. The theme is Following True North. Activities begin at sundown Friday and end around 8:30am on Sunday. Parents of Fox Trailmen are required to attend. Trailmen are highly encouraged to attend a local church service on Sunday morning if possible.


Please RSVP on Trail Life Connect by going to Calendar, finding the event, and then indicating your attendance info. Even if you’re not attending, please RSVP as NOT GOING.

You will also need to book your own campsite using Reserve America. We’ll try to get campsites in the 29–46. The Troop may have a few extra reserved, so check with leaders if there’s a particular site you would like.

Attendance Requirements

In order to attend, Trailmen and accompanying parents will need to complete the following steps:

  1. Be registered with the Troop—contact Troop leaders for link (get help)
  2. RSVP for the event (see above)
  3. Book your campsite with Reserve America (see above)
  4. Ensure a youth and adult medical forms are on file with the Troop for each Trailman and parent attending
  5. Download the campout checklists on what to bring and start packing!
  6. We are highly recommending that at least one parent from every attending family become a Registered Adult. Please reach out to Troop leadership to register.


The entrance to the camp is located at 2185 Putnam Pike, Chepachet, RI 02814.

Campsite Info

The 100-acre camping area has plenty of amenities including flushing toilets, shower facilities, parking lot, swimming area, and boating ramp.

Camp map of George Washington campground.
A few of the hiking trails we’ll go on.


During the course of the weekend, Trailmen will take part in many different activities, including Map Skills. This Life Skills Branch step provides a basic knowledge of what maps are and how they can be used. Basic features of maps will be understood. A Trailman should be able to find his general location on a map and how to get to another location.

In addition to program work, Trailmen will have plenty of time to hike and explore, swim*, attend engaging campfires, and have free time to make friends and enjoy the outdoors.

Basic Agenda


5:30pDeparture from Church (if getting ride)
6:30p–7:30Arrival at camp and setup
7:30pOpening campfire
9:30pLights out


7:30aWake-up, breakfast, tidy up
9:00aFlag ceremony
9:15aMorning activities
11aFree time / lunch prep
2pAfternoon activities
4:30pFree time / dinner prep
6pDinner / tidy up
7pClosing flag ceremony
7:30pClosing campfire
9:30pLights out


7:30aWake-up, breakfast, tidy up
8aTroop devotion
8:15aDismissal / travel home


Because Trail Life emphasizes the Patrol Method, we are encouraging Hawk and Mountain Lion patrol Trailmen to bunk and eat together as a patrol.

What to bring

Trailmen should plan to bring adequate camping gear. Trailmen and their parents/guardians should bring equipment for and plan meals for the course of the weekend. If a particular Trailman’s parents/guardians are not planning on attending, the Trailman will camp and dine with his Patrol.

Trailmen and their parents/guardians can use the prepared checklists to ensure they have brought everything necessary for the campout.

Use the Trailman Campout Checklist for packing adequate gear.

Parents/guardians should use the Campout Cooking Checklist for meal preparation.


Individual campsites are $18 per night for Rhode Island residents (booked and paid through Reserve America). Please see Troop leaders if you are not a RI resident.

Health and Safety

Trail Life USA has rigorous protocols for camping that pertain to the health and safety of Trailmen, Leaders, and adults in attendance. Strict compliance will be required of all attendees.

Please see the Troop Guidebook for Parents for more detailed policies on Troop campout. Parents should also have access to and be familiar with the Trail Life Health & Safety Guide.

Health Forms

Trailmen are required to have a completed Youth Member Health and Medical Record Form and copy of insurance on file with the Troop. Attending adult members are required to have an Adult Member Participant Health and Medical Form and copy of insurance card. Note that these forms do not require a physician’s signature unless the boy has medications that are required to be administered by the Health and Safety officer.


Is it okay for siblings or other non-members to attend Troop campouts?

Family camping is not allowed as per Trail Life USA policy. However, we understand that it may be necessary for siblings to come to the campout. Therefore, parents in attendance must gain permission from the Troop to bring non-member siblings. It is expected that siblings will fully participate in all event activities.

Can I bring electronic devices?

Camping events give Trailmen a chance to explore the outdoors and make new friends. As such, Trailmen are not permitted to have electronic devices with them on campouts or other events. Adult member participants should set the example and are strongly discouraged from using electronic devices during campouts and other events.

What do boys get for attending campouts?

Besides the opportunity to learn outdoor skills, discover a new bug, or share stories around the campfire, boys work towards earning their next branch. This campout will cover skills from one branch—life skills.

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