Troop Leadership

Our Troop consists of shared leadership and is volunteer driven. Our leaders are members in good standing of their local church and devote their time to the care and success of each Trailman in the Troop.

Andrew M. Interim Troopmaster (TM)

Karen M. Trail Guide (TG) — Fox Patrol

Cassi L. Trail Guide (TG) — Fox Patrol, Troop Health and Safety Lead

Kevin K. Trail Guide (TG) — Fox Patrol

Nick Y. Trail Guide (TG) — Hawk / Mountain Lion Patrol

Troop Committee

Lathom T. Committee Chair (CC)
Nick Y. Chaplain (CHAP)
Marc L. Treasurer (TREAS)
Andrew M. Troop Ministry Liaison (TML)

We need help at almost all levels of the Troop. Please see a Troop leader if you are interested in volunteering.