Troop Parent Portal

The Troop Guidebook for Parents contains policies and expectations that are specific to Troop RI-1798.

Getting Started

Welcome new parents! Check out this page and associated video to learn What is Trail Life?

Parents should take the virtual Troop Parent Orientation to get oriented to unit programs, Troop policy, and all things Trail Life.

Three Peaks Training

Peak One training will overview the Trail Life program and policies. Available on Trail Life Connect.

Where do I fit in?

As a parent, you are in integral part of our troop! One of the purposes of our Troop is to encourage relationship-building between Trailmen and their dads and moms!

Parents are highly encouraged to attend and participate in Troop meetings. The value of building the relationships between fathers and sons is immeasurable. What better way to spend the evening or weekend than developing long-lasting bonds with your son?

How can I get more involved?


Join the Whatsapp Community to chat, share ideas, and send announcements for Troop activities and all things Trail Life.

Scan the QR code with Whatsapp or click this link to be taken to the community.

Tell us more about you

Complete an Adult Connection Guide and give to a Troop Leader. This helps us understand more about you, your interests, and how you might be able to fill Troop Needs.

Become a Registered Adult

Registered Adult enter a trusted circle within the Troop that can help with supervision, go on campouts, and participate in ways you can’t as a Parent. Registered Adult status requires a signed statement of faith, completed criminal background track, and a course on Child Safety and Youth Protection training. See a Troop leader for more info.

Become a wiz at Trail Life Connect

Trail Life Connect is how we’ll communicate with you and how you’ll track your Trailman(men)’s progress. View tutorial.

Take The Three Peaks Training

Trail Life University features courses that help get you up to speed with all things Trail Life USA. The Three Peaks training helps parents and leaders learn the basics of the philosophy and program of Trail Life.

  • Peak 1 – Fundamentals of Trail Life USA. All parents should take this course.
  • Peak 2 – Trail Life USA Leader Training. Leaders should take this course to learn how to deliver the program.

Parents should take the Peak One course. (It’s okay, you can take Peak Two if you want. We know you’re curious, so no judgements here!)

Volunteer With the Troop

We help our Trailmen explore servant-leadership, and parents and leaders help us model this important skill. There are plenty of things to do in our Troop. Everything from helping out during a Court of Honor to being the Woodlands Trail Ranger! Get with a Troop leader about how you might volunteer in our Troop.


Our Troop is run by a team of volunteers who are passionate about seeing boys thrive in character- and skill-development. Funds donated are used for program materials as well as events and trips.