The minimal cost of membership pays for program, insurance, and events so that Trailmen can maximize their experience in the Troop.


A Trailman pays a yearly $37.97 to maintain their registration with Trail Life USA. This fee is collected directly by the Home Office. The Troop does not see any of this money.

There are currently no yearly dues paid to the Troop. It’s possible that there may be Troop dues in the future, either paid by families or raised through fundraising.

The basic Trailman uniform with hat costs approximately $75. Additional uniform pieces and/or Trail Life swag could cost more, but is not required.

TROOP registration fees

The Troop incurs a yearly re-chartering fee that is based on the number of Trailmen registered. This fee is paid through the Troop funds and is not passed on to individual Trailmen.