Camping at the Woodlands Trail level

Troop campouts are what Trail Life is all about. It’s a chance for Trailmen to get outdoors, explore new things, make new friends, and have an experience they’ll remember for the rest of their lives.

As Trailmen grow older, they take on more and more responsibility. Trailmen in the Hawk patrol begin to demonstrate servant leadership by taking on more responsibility within their patrol. Trailmen in the Mountain Lion patrol learn how to use sharp tools, make campfires, and lead Troop-wide activities.

What to Bring

Trailmen should plan to bring adequate camping gear. Trailmen and their parents/guardians should bring equipment for and plan meals for the course of the weekend. If a particular Trailman’s parents/guardians are not planning on attending, the Trailman will dine with his Trailguide.

Trailmen and their parents/guardians can use the prepared checklists to ensure they have brought everything necessary for the campout.

Use the Trailman Campout Checklist for packing adequate gear.

Parents/guardians should use the Campout Cooking Checklist for meal preparation.

Health and Safety while Camping

Trail Life USA has specific protocols for camping that pertain to the health and safety of Trailmen, Leaders, and adults in attendance. Strict compliance will be required of all attendees.

Please see the Parent Handbook for more detailed policies on Troop campout.

Health Forms

Trailmen are required to have a completed Youth Member Health and Medical Record Form on file with the Troop. Attending adult members are required to have an Adult Member Participant Health and Medical Form. Note that these forms do not require a physician’s signature unless the boy has medications that are required to be administered by the Health and Safety officer.

Download the Health Form


Trailmen who wish to make use of swimming facilities (including in lakes) must first take a swimming competency test. This will determine where they will be allowed to swim.

Family Camping

Family camping is not allowed as per Trail Life USA policy. Parents attending the campout must gain permission from the Troop to bring any additional non-member children.


Camping events give Trailmen a chance to explore the outdoors and make new friends. As such, Trailmen are not permitted to have electronic devices with them during the campout. Adult member participants are highly discouraged from having electronics on their person during the campout.